Colorado's Front Range (Aspen, Leadville, Georgetown and mountains in between), Sep 2007

I was in Denver for business, and went out early before the meeting to see what I could get of the aspens. I was a little early, and the aspens are rather stressed due to beetle infestations, but I still got some color (Monday 17 Sep 07).

It was raining when I arrived in Aspen. I stopped into a local bookstore and bought a postcard of "Maroon Bells", saying "Well, I guess I'll buy a postcard of what I didn't get to see." The clerk laughed. As soon as I got outside, the weather started to clear. I sped off to Maroon Bells and got some pretty good shots.

Building photos before "Maroon Bells" are Aspen, as are the first couple of buildings after "Maroon Bells". (You might guess this by the fact that one old-time building is marked "Dior" :-) Most of the structures in the next group are of Leadville and vicinity. The first set of 'above treeline' shots are Independence Pass, between Aspen and Leadville. The subsequent buildings are in Leadville.

The roundhouse photos are the old Denver, South Park & Pacific roundhouse in Como. The second set of 'above treeline' shots are Guanella Pass, leading into Georgetown. The Georgetown set concludes with some great late sunset shots. The Digital Rebel XT is really amazing at low-light, the sensor works better than the Mk 1 eyeball under dusk conditions.

As usual, these are contact sheet format, so you get to see the good, the bad and the ugly. In many cases I was shooting 3 images at 1 1/3 stop brackets, and eventually I'll load these into Photoshop CS2 to use the 'increase dynamic range' feature.

Off to the photos!

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