'Round the World in 26 Days

25 Oct-20 Nov 2005

Thanks to extensive business-related travel and an United Airlines promotion, we earned two around-the-world business class tickets. For most of our hotel stays, we used Hilton or Marriot hotel points. This site is a placeholder for a more extensive travelogue that will eventually appear.


Right now these are unordered contact sheets. The fuzzy black thing is a Dust Puppy. Eventually he will have his own travel website.

There are about 1100 photos.

The pictures named "crw*" or "img*" are taken with my Canon Digital Rebel. For this trip, I bought the new 17-85 EF-S (digital only) Image Stabilized lens. This was a very sound investment, as it enabled me to get some good low-light shots.

The pictures named "kif*" come from Olimpia's new Kyocera SL400R, a surprisingly good 4mp tiny point-and-shoot camera. (It does particularly well in low light, to our great pleasure.) Another interesting thing about this camera is that it'll take low resolution movies (.avi) with sound. We have a couple, but they're not currently linked on this site.

As usual, no Windoze products were used in the creation of this website. Basic image processing via David Emery. All rights reserved. For reuse of these images, please contact me.