A Winter Trip to Andalucia and Barcelona, February 2003

Olimpia and I visited Cordoba, Sevilla and other sites in Andalucia, and Barcelona for 12 days in February. As usual, I've collected all of the photos (good, bad and ugly) into a set of contact sheets. Click on a thumbnail to see the larger image.

Our Itinerary took us first to Cordoba. From there we drove through Ubeda, Baeda, Priego de Cordoba, Almovodar del Rio, and then to Sevilla. Before arriving in Sevilla, we stopped off at the old Roman town of Italica. After Sevilla, we went to Barcelona. Thanks to the major snowstorm on the East cost this February, instead of the planned 3 days, we spent 5 days in Barcelona (there are -much worse- places to be stranded...)

First page of photos

Technical details: These were all taken with my Nikon 995, many using a .66x wide angle adapter, and a few with a 2x extender. In a few cases, I've bracked the shots, particularly with heavy contrasts (such as stained glass inside a church.) The web page was generated by Graphic Converter, the "Swiss Army Knife" of graphics programs for the Macintosh. No Windoze products were used in the creation of this website.

Legal stuff: All photos are copyright (c) by David Emery. All Rights Reserved.