Photos from our trip to Spain, 1999

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Fifth Set

Eventually, we'll go through these and turn them into a proper website, getting rid of the redundant or ugly pictures.

The Roman Aqueduct and 'fairy tale' castle are at Segovia. I need to check the map for the location of the other castles. The walled city is Avila, with photos also of walls at Lugo and Leon. The cathedrals include Leon, Santiago de Compostela and Burgos. The stained glass photos, in particuar, are from Leon. These photos don't do justice to the windows. The monastaries include St. Thomas(?) in Salamanca and Santo Domingo de Silas and Las Huelgas in Burgos. The small churches include the Templar church in Segovia, a Visigothic church outside of Zamora, a Romanesque church in Santiago and the church at Corvarubias. The mountain scenes are from the Picos de Europe between Castille & Leon and Cantabria provinces.