Pittsburgh South Side and Oil Well

Pittsburgh's South Side (East Carson Street) is known for its very well preserved Victorian commercial architecture. I was back in the 'Burg for a couple of days, and went over to South Side for dinner and some photos. I apologize for that first photo being out of focus, but it's such a neat building I decided to include it anyway.

The oil well is located on PA 60 between I-79 and Robinson Town Center. Apparently it's still in use, as there was the unmistakable smell of fresh crude and new oil stains around. I'm not an expert in derricks, but I suspect this one may be an older pattern, just by virtue of the tubes used in its assembly. What's also unusual is that it retains 2 bull-wheels, although I'm not sure why they're still in place. The remains of a belt is visible on the bull-wheel closest to the camera.

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